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Better known in our days as Ex Hacienda de Coahixtla, is located in San Pedro Apatlaco, en the city of Ayala, State of Morelos, Mexico. It was erected in 1857 by dominicos friar. But before become popular, was scenario of real battles between General Emiliano Zapata’s soldiers and the federal army, at the sunset of the ruler Profirio Diaz.

The main building is known as the “Casco”, industrial center of the –back then- Nueva España (Mexico), where it was cropped the sugar cane brought by Hernan Cortes (the Conquistador). The alcohol, brown sugar blocks (piloncillo) and sugar cane, was the main economic activity in the first years of the Spaniard presence in Mexican grounds.

Other historic moment lived in La Hacienda Coahuixtla it was when Jose Maria Morelos was besieged in times of the battle for Mexico’s Independence from the Spaniards.

And in the Revolutionary epoch, La Hacienda Coahuixtla it was the first hacienda to be seized to Manuel Cortinas, (who has invaded almost all the grounds in borough of Ayala), to give it back to the people.

Ex Hacienda San Antonio Coahuixtla

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